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Beautiful mantra to remove obstacles

July 16, 2012 Comments

This is a full 108 repetition chanted Ganesha mantra with associated ancient Sanskrit and Hindu images in the actual clip.

Simply beautiful on every level!

The phonetic of OM GUM GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA is “om gum guh-nuh-puh-tuh-yei nahm-ah-ha”.

This mantra is an ancient Sanskrit mantra for removing obstacles, inner and outer, from our lives.

Many people swear by the effectiveness of this mantra.

As with any mantra, it is important to say as many repetitions as possible (either out loud or silently) over as many days as possible. Try it.

About the Author:

As far back as she can remember, BJ Burman has always been interested in spirituality and religion, both academically and personally. Especially personally. When she became personally involved in Eastern philosophy and religion, she became specifically interested in death and dying (and what really happens to us), and in karma, and the way it operates in our lives.

Over the years, she has studied and researched in these two areas--death & dying, and karma, particularly from the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives. Both these great traditions, as well as some sections of Christianity, have so much to teach on the reality of life, death and rebirth.

BJ believes that gaining an understanding of karma is vital in living consciously as an aware and awakening human being. In a world where we so desperately seek happiness, karma is key.