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Obstacle? What obstacle?

January 23, 2013 Comments

An obstacle is just a stepping stone

It seems to me that when we go through our ‘new age’ ‘positive thinking’ phase that we expect that if something is ‘right’ that it will come ‘easily’. But I really don’t think that’s true. How many relationships have broken up because it wasn’t ‘easy’ but it you believed it should have been? How many dreams were not pursued because they didn’t come easy, only to find that you’re full of regret later on.

You know, people (motivational speakers and the like) who tell me that ‘life is easy’ and ‘wealth is easy’ make me cringe. I’m sorry, but they do. For me, this doesn’t match up with life, or karma, at all. Two people, hypothetically, could follow exactly the same steps to ‘create wealth’ (yuk, I hate that phrase!), and one of them might succeed brilliantly, and the other might fail, even though they’ve done exactly the same thing. How do you account for that? It happens in life all the time! Despite the fact that these people are far too obssessed by ‘wealth’, there are other problems here, too.

Most genuinely successful people have failed, many times, along the way. And they, in all likelihood, will fail again at some point. Such is life. It is far better to understand what we need to do with our mind in order to deal with life’s ups and downs. We separate life into ‘success’ and ‘failure’, as if they are at two opposite ends of a spectrum. What a load of rubbish! A failure can be a success, and success a failure, depending on how you look at it.

Let’s go back to the money example. If you don’t have the karma for monetary wealth (because there are other kinds of wealth), then no matter if you follow the ‘Money Guy’s’ rules to the letter, you won’t make money. It’s as simple as that. Until you can start changing your mind, your thoughts, and then your words and your actions, and start living a generous life (that is, creating some positive karma with awareness), then you are barking up the wrong tree. But I tell you what, the Money Guys are getting rich off you, though!

Getting back to the quote, life–by its very nature–is not going to be easy. There may be some times that are easier than others, or where things seem to be going well. Then all of a sudden, something changes, then everything changes. No more smooth sailing.

The only way to cope with life’s difficulties is to cultivate a particular mind and attitude within yourself that can remain peaceful, wise and undisturbed despite what is happening around you.

Do you have children? If you do, you might relate to this. You’ve got hubby or wife nagging at you, kids running amok and screaming ‘I want this’ or ‘She did that’ or ‘That’s not fair’–whatever; there’s a million of them! And then there’s you. You can let all that ‘stuff’ in, and your blood pressure goes up, you’re raising your voice, in no time you’re yelling, adding to the chaos, you’re saying things you’re going to regret later, and are feeling utterly overwhelmed and misunderstood.

Or…you could let them all fight it out, remove yourself, read a good book, take a quiet drive, take yourself off to a bookstore or a coffee shop, whatever, and let the unruly mob take care of themselves. You tell them that you are coming home when they’ve settled down and are prepared to talk rationally and respectfully. But what about dinner? They can make their own!

When you get good at this, you can actually be in the same room as all this chaos, yet your mind can be completely elsewhere, in a nice quite peaceful place, and you will only re-engage when everybody is behaving better. Yes, YOU CAN DO THIS!

 Bottom line, everyone, THE ONLY OBSTACLE IS IN YOUR MIND! True! It really is! It doesn’t matter, ultimately, what’s going on ‘out there’. It really doesn’t. It all comes down to you. And your mind. What we call an ‘obstacle’ is nothing more than a training exercise in motivation, inspiration, determination. An obstacle is a blessing. If you can look at obstacles in this way, then you have nothing to fear. Nothing. Ever. Your life will be in YOUR hands. And what a wonderful place that is to be.  –BJ

What are you going to do the next time you are confronted with an ‘obstacle’?



About the Author:

As far back as she can remember, BJ Burman has always been interested in spirituality and religion, both academically and personally. Especially personally. When she became personally involved in Eastern philosophy and religion, she became specifically interested in death and dying (and what really happens to us), and in karma, and the way it operates in our lives.

Over the years, she has studied and researched in these two areas--death & dying, and karma, particularly from the Buddhist and Hindu perspectives. Both these great traditions, as well as some sections of Christianity, have so much to teach on the reality of life, death and rebirth.

BJ believes that gaining an understanding of karma is vital in living consciously as an aware and awakening human being. In a world where we so desperately seek happiness, karma is key.